Quiet Book

Some girls in my ward said they wanted to make quiet books and since I'm in charge of all our RS Activities, and since I had participated in a swap two years ago I decided to take the project on.  I quickly learned that I had not thanked Emily nearly enough for all the work she did in organizing my original swap (thanks Emily!!)  Since we had so many people participate, and many people that wanted to make 2 books, we ended up making 2 different books with 10 pages each.  The people that wanted 1 book made 10 pages and the people that wanted 2 books made 20 pages.  This turned the logistics of the project into one of those brain teaser puzzles we used to do in elementary school and at times it was too much for my brain to handle.  But it was a lot of fun and the end product is amazing.

I don't have all the pages but here are the ones I did end up with-

Fireman's Jacket- we have a few firemen in our ward so this is a fun one.  The jacket unzips then there is a little heart that you can snap on and off- so cute.
Tic Tac Toe- I LOVE the teal/red color combo and can envision many games between Bryan and Jilly (once she learns how to play tic tac toe)  
Button-on Flowers- One of Jilly's favorites in my original book.  
 Lace up shoe- This woman gave her husband lots of credit for punching all the grommets.  
 Stoplight- In the pocket there are green, yellow, and red circles to match to the page.  This is in my original book and Jilly loves to match the colors
 Puzzle- seriously, these people are amazing
Mailbox- I love the cute little foam letters she added 
 Paint Palette- The paint colors have velcro and can be taken on and off, and I love the addition of the paintbrush
 Teddy Bear- another duplicate from my original book, I love how cute and friendly he looks
 Mittens- Kids can slide their little hands into the fleece mittens
 Fishbowl- this is a favorite from my original book and the first page Jilly wanted to play with when I brought the new book home (she was too quick to let me hide it for Christmas, hopefully she'll forget about it)
As you can see, I still have some work ahead of me putting the whole book together, but I'm so excited for it to be done and under the Christmas tree!


Emily said...

I love this book, it turned out so great!! It's making me want to whip up another one. Some of the pages in there are so cute and ones I've never seen before. Nice job everyone :)

Lisa Michelle said...

super, super duper duper cute!!!

Christina (Cha) said...

What a good idea and it turned out so cute! Jilly will love it!

Ty and Ash Sorensen said...

So I want to make this!! Can I copy you? So cute!! Congrats on baby #2:) So happy for you!!!! love you and miss you lots!!